HANNO Hannoband® 3E

Item # 64/4-9 | Barcode
Tape Width [mm] Gap Width min./max [mm] Roll Length (m)

HANNO Hannoband® 3E - The multi-functional pre-compressed expanding foam tape with Concealed Membranes

Universal use in window joints not exposed directly to the weather.

Thanks to the integrated functional membranes, the moisture-adaptive tape creates a barrier effect on the side with the diffusion load.

Ideal for an easy and reliable sealing of windows and doors during any weather, the „all-in-one“ multifunctional 3E tapes is the optimum choice. Its integrated „moisture-adapting“ membranes ensure that the joint can dry out all year. This highly innovative tape provides an excellent thermal, sound, air and rain barrier. After its installation, the polyurethane soft foam expands in the joint and provides a durable joint sealing. Movements of building components – e. g. linked to temperature
changes and settling – are compensated even after many years. The sealing of the most different joint widths and window profile thicknesses is possible due to the various tape widths and thicknesses.

MPA BAU HANNOVER has verified that the Hanno high-performance membranes adapt to moisture. They transport moisture out of the joint. This ensures a dry joint all year long.

The "speed" of expansion of the 3E depends on humidity and temperature. The higher the humidity and temperature, the faster it expands. In hot and humid summer climates we recommend to keep the 3E in a cooler to delay the expansion. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have. 

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