About Us

Herrmann's Timber-Frame Homes was founded in 2002 by Andreas & Edith Herrmann. Andreas had been passionately building high quality timber framed homes since 1977, when he began his full timber framer apprenticeship in central Switzerland. After completing this intensive three year program, he continued to further his education in the design and construction of timber frames to become a foreman of a full framing team. After leading this team for 18 years and being involved in the raising of over 1500 timber framed structures, Andreas' experience and expertise inspired him to start his own company, Herrmann's Timber-Frame Homes. With the Switzerland housing market in decline, Andreas decided to bring the tradition of European timber framing to Canada where he and Edith, together with their son, who had already started his own apprenticeship in timber framing, could build a successful timber framing business. Andreas and his family first built their own timber framed home and manufacturing facility to showcase their quality workmanship. The Herrmann family began having great success in building quality timber framed homes in Eastern Ontario just two years after arriving in Canada. Then, for a full decade, this family operated business had been building some of the finest timber homes.

As the business had evolved, Herrmann’s Timber-Frame Homes had started to import specialty building products to further improve the performance and quality of the homes they were building. As time went on, the import of these products then led to the resale to builders across Canada. In 2012, Herrmann’s Timber-Frame Homes had then decided to stop building all together, and haven’t built since then.

2023, Herrmann’s Timber-Frame Homes has gone through a rebranding to satisfy evolving company activities. Herrmann’s Timber-Frame Homes has become Herrmann’s – Quality Building Products.

Today, Herrmann’s continues to be well-known for the distribution of quality European building products. They are proud to represent various manufacturing companies out of Austria, Germany and Switzerland with products ranging from wood/timber fasteners and connectors, timber hardware, ecological insulation and high performing building envelope enclosure systems, to specialty tools.

With the extensive background of building, Herrmann’s has become a leader in advising applications of the products they offer.

For any questions or comments please contact the Herrmann's team.