SIGA Dockskin® 100

Item # 5930 | Barcode 7640105090679
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Enhance the bonding strength of SIGA's adhesive products onto loose, porous, or fibrous substrates with Dockskin 100.  

Dockskin 100 is a water-based acrylate co-polymer dispersion designed specifically for use with all SIGA adhesives. Use Dockskin to penetrate the surface of highly porous concrete and masonry, or to consolidate loose particles of wood-fiber and OSB panels. Dockskin goes on opaque white and dries to a clear, extremely tacky film 

Coverage With Rissan / Wigluv 100 ~35 m
Coverage With Rissan / Wigluv 150 ~25 m
Minimum recommended installation temperature °F (°C) 14 (-10)
Shelf Life (unopened) 18 Months