Pitzl Adjustable Post Base plug-in system 10529.1090

Item # 10529.1090 | Barcode 4251409400267

Turn – Click, the new innovative post base system. With few handlings, without time-consuming and inconvenient screwing the new plug-in system allows an efficient solution of assembly. Maximal load capacities in compression, traction and horizontal stresses are guaranteed through the optimal material thickness of the post base. A height adjustment is possible even when mounted and under heavy load. 

The connection to the column from the upper plate (Ø 96 x 8 mm) is made by means of 4 full-thread screws with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 120 mm 61495. The connection to concrete from the base plate (100 x 160 x 8 mm) is made by using 4 concrete anchors with a diameter of 10,0 mm or 12,0 mm 48453.

The installation height is 141 - 201 mm. The required minimum timber dimension is 120 x 120 mm (4¾" x 4¾").

See also accessory tool 20.937.2400 or 20.938.0000

Minimum Height [mm] 141
Maximum Height [mm] 210
Top Plate Dimensions [mm] Ø 96
Bottom Plate Dimensions [mm] 160 x 100
Weight [kg] 2.7
Qty / Box 5