Pitzl Adjustable Heavy-Duty Post Base 11008.7190

Item # 11008.7190 | Barcode 4251409404234

Connection to wood construction with PITZL post base 11008.7190

The most massive adjustable post base produced. The optimally designed constructive form allows very high load capacities for compression up to 515 kN and also for horizontal load actions up to 18,2 kN. The tried and trusted Pitzl screw connection concept or a strut with dowel boreholes guarantee a lift-off value up to 50 kN.

The connection to the column of the upper plate (160 x 160 x 12 mm) is made by means of 4 full-thread screws with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 120 mm 61495. The connection to concrete of the base plate (160 x 160 x 12 mm) is made by using 4 concrete anchors with a diameter of 10.0 or 12,0 mm 48453.

The installation height is 190 - 260 mm. The required minimum timber dimension is 160 x 160 mm (6¼ x 6¼).

Minimum Height [mm] 190
Maximum Height [mm] 260
Top Plate Dimensions [mm] 160 x 160
Bottom Plate Dimensions [mm] 160 x 160
Weight [kg] 10.9
Qty / Box 1