Balteschwiler AQUA KIEFER Design-Paneling

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AQUA KIEFER Tongue & Groove Design-Paneling

Our Aqua KIEFER Design-Paneling with its semitransparent honey-gold gloss finish has set new standards in interior decor. And this is no wonder. This product is a perfect union of carefully selected, virtually flawless wood with a top grade wax-base solvent-free surface finish. Even sunlight has no impact on this protective treatment. Long-term tests carried out under official supervision with 1200 hours of exposure to ultraviolet rays resulted in only faint discoloration of the underlying wood, but not of the finish.

AQUA KIEFER paneling is also ideal for use in damp rooms, such as i.e. bathrooms, laundry rooms, closed porches, etc. .

This product is sold in convenient and handy bundles of 8 boards. We stock a variety of lengths. 

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