Pitzl Beam Puller With Turn-Adapter

Item # 55850.0000 | Barcode

Pitzl Beam Puller Ratchet With Turn Adapter - Fix, Tighten, Done! 

Lay the turn-adapter on the objects and fasten with screws. Differently arranged boreholes allow for easy fastening on timber or masonry. The butt strap mounted to the adapter serves for the fastening in grooves or on edges. Once the adapters are fastened on both objects, the objects can easily be pulled tight together with the ratchet. 
The Pitzl beam puller provides a perfect stability for the processing of solid wood panels, hollow chamber panels and soft wood fiber elements.

NOTE, Pitzl's high-quality carrying case is included with this Beam Puller. 

Span 570-720 mm (22.5" - 2.5")
Boreholes Ø 8mm 16
Max. Load Capacity 20 kN