Pitzl Countersink Cutter Ø 103mm with Auger Drill Ø24.0mm COMBO

Item # 20.937.2400 | Barcode

Pitzl® Countersink Cutter Ø 103mm and Auger Drill Ø 24.0mm

High-Quality Countersink Cutter with Top quality auger drill for standard-compliant assembly of Pitzl® Post Bases with Ø 24mm threaded mandrel, such as 10921.1000, 10921.1600, or 10529.1090

Tip: Ensure to use a suited drilling machine to carry out all works with the Pitzl® auger drills and countersink cutters.

  • Countersink Cutter Ø 103mm (4")
  • Auger Ø 24.0mm
  • Working Length 125mm
  • Drill chuck adapter Ø 16mm
  • Max. revolutions per minute 1000 rpm
  • Includes wooden box for secure storage