SIGA Fentrim® 430 Grey

Item # 9712-10025 | Barcode
Roll W x L (metric) Roll W x L (imperial)

Abrasion-resistant tape for exterior applications. Sticks to masonry and concrete without requiring primer. Primer-free flashing solution for above grade masonry connections and other critical building envelope details

SIGA Fentrim 430 grey is a fleece-backed, semi-permeable acrylic flashing tape. The robust, polyolefin (PO) carrier resists jobsite abrasions while remaining formable and pliable, even in below freezing temperatures. Fentrim 430 grey offers superior adhesion to cured concrete, metal and wood.


  • sticks to masonry and concrete without requiring primer
  • strong adhesion in cold temperatures so you don't have to use primer
  • siliconized split release liner saves you time and frustration while installing