GUTEX Multitherm® T&G Rigid Wood Fiber Insulation Board

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Made in Germany! Since 1932 "GUTEX Holzfaserplattenwerk", a family-owned enterprise based in the Black Forest in Germany has been producing wood fiber insulation products at its Waldshut-Tiengen plant.

GUTEX Multitherm, a hydrophobized and thus moisture resistant insulation board, features single-ply construction and homogeneous cross-section, making it an ideal rigid insulation board for exterior walls and roofs. 

Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, GUTEX Multitherm wood fiber insulation board provides outstanding protection against low winter temperatures. It counteracts thermal loss and inhibits the rapid cooling of living space.

To prevent the living areas, especially those below the roof, from overheating, the thermal capacity of the insulating material must dampen and delay the thermal flow from outside to inside. Because, with a specific thermal capacity of 2100 J/kgK, wood has the highest thermal capacity of all building materials, GUTEX wood fiber insulation board products provide excellent protection against hot summer temperatures.

For noise protection, a distinction is drawn between airborne noise and impact noise. Airborne noise protection is relevant for wall and roof components, while impact noise protection refers to floor and ceiling constructions. 

The characteristics of high raw density, low flexural strength and porous fiber structure exhibited by GUTEX Multitherm wood fiber insulation board guarantee a high degree of noise absorption, hence optimized noise protection. 

GUTEX Multitherm wood fiber insulation boards are permeable and control air humidity by absorbing and subsequently emitting up to 15 %, depending on the room conditions, of the board weight in humidity, without losing the insulating effect. The combination of these two characteristics positively effects the room conditions.

GUTEX Multitherm insulating board exhibits extremely narrow dimensional tolerances and is produced to tough quality standards. This, coupled with detailed instructions makes for simple processing.

  • Superior moisture resistance due to hydrophobic treatment
  • Makes structures wind-tight due to it's T+G edges
  • Reduces thermal bridging of framing members (studs, headers, etc.)
  • Consistently uniform board dimensions make installation quicker and easier
  • Ideal for upgrading the thermal insulation on the exterior of existing structures
  • Superior thermal storage capacity provides outstanding insulation against heat in summer and cold in winter
  • Improves acoustic insulation
  • Regulates humidity and is vapour diffusion permeable
  • Homogeneous, single-ply construction
  • Manufactured from wood, a sustainable natural resource
  • Recyclable
  • Biologically safe (natureplus© certified)
  • Made in Germany