HANNO Hannoband® BG1

Item # 10/1.5-2.5 | Barcode
Tape Width [mm] Gap Width min./max. [mm] Roll Length (m)

HANNO Hannoband® BG1 - The Original

Extremely durable Hannoband® BG1 clearly exceeds the requirements for protection against driving rain, airtightness and resistance to weathering according to the highest
German standard for joint sealant tapes DIN 18542 2009 (stress group 1) – tested for a field installation after 15 years in service! Hannoband® is available in various dimensions so you can find the right tape for your specific joint
width. Each tape has a determined tolerance range, which is specified on each roll. Typical tape joint dimensions are e. g. 1/4 -1/2″ and 3/8 - 5/8″. This gives peace
of mind for not perfectly even joint dimensions!

If you need perfectly sealed construction joints long-term, then choose Hannoband-BG1

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