Pitzl HVP-HD 88540.1000 - Heavy-duty connector for wood-wood connection

Item # 88540.1000 | Barcode 4251409409338
The heavy-duty HVP of the series 885 with a width of 140 mm are optimally suitable for wide beams (from 170 mm) under very high loads. A further quality criterion of the Pitzl HVP connectors series is the anodization. Beside a smooth-running assembly and a dirty-free surface it provides the Pitzl HVP a very beautiful look.
Width [mm] 140
Height [mm] 400
Depth [mm] 20
Material Aluminium
Coating Anodized
Number of Screws 40
Screw Diameter [mm] 8
Screw Length [mm] 160
ETA Certificate 15/0187