HECO Installation Tool for HECO-Multi-Monti®-TimberConnect

Item # 43603 | Barcode
Drive Length (mm) Tool Drive

Installation tool for HECO-Multi-Monti®-TimberConnect

The MMS-TC installation tool is the appropriate and prescribed setting tool for the correct mounting of MULTI-MONTI®-TimberConnect screws. It is a durable long bit with a graduated scale and a movable marking ring.

A rubber ring allows the thickness of the component (fixture thickness) to be set on the tool, thus assuring optimum screw-in depth. This installation tool is also ideal for many other applications. 

  • The appropriate and prescribed setting tool for MMS-TC
  • Branded bits - especially made for HECO®
  • Approved according to DIBt-approval no. Z-21.1-1879
  • Setting depth index for MMS-TC
  • Matching system of screws and bits
    • Better accuracy
    • Optimal force transmission
    • Less slipping
  • Higher durability