Pitzl Lifting clamps PowerClamp II - set of 2, Model: D25/70

Item # 55870.0000 | Barcode

PowerClamp, the latest innovation in timber construction. Drill, Attach, Lift. 

Lift wooden timbers and glue-laminated panels gentle and quickly with the PowerClamp. The high-precision PowerClamp attaches easily and quickly to the wooden timber or panel for safe lifting. Model D25/70 is rated for a load carrying capacity up to 500 kg (1,100 LB) per lifting clamp. Drill, attach, lift!

Using the lifting clamp PowerClamp is very simple. A simple 26mm borehole is sufficient for the lifting clamp. Insert the clamp in the 26mm borehole and you can lift the component effortlessly and safely. 

Set includes 2 PowerClamp lifting clamps, 26mm auger drill, drill stopper, and protective carrying case.