Mungo MN Nylon Plug

Item # 1000050 | Barcode
Plug & Drill Ø mm Plug Length mm Pieces/Box

MN Nylon Plug
Nylon Plug MN made from high- quality Polyamide PA 6 for use in solid building materials. Possible combination with wood screws, chipboard screws and metric screws.


  • Can be used with wood screws, chipboard screws and metric screws
  • Suitable for use in most kinds of building materials, especially in solid building materials
  • Knock-in protection prevents premature expansion while installing
  • Holds the plug firm in the hole against rotation; guarantees immediate grip as the plug expands
  • M-Teeth ensuring a complete radial expansion during screw insertion
  • Prevent the plug from breaking open while inserting into the hole
  • Made from high-quality polyamide PA6
  • Pre installation or through fixing
  • Indoor and outdoor applications

Base Materials

  • Concrete
  • Clay solid brick
  • Lightweight concrete
  • Calcium silicate solid brick
  • Natural stone, rock