HECO Multi-Monti® TimberConnect

Item # 48308 | Barcode
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Pieces/Box

The innovative screw anchor for concrete and masonry

Based on the MULTI-MONTI system, the innovative MULTI-MONTI-TimberConnect (MMS-TC) baseplate anchor combines the patented concrete thread with a HECO wood thread. With the result, that the MMS-TC ensures simple and safe fixing of wooden components on solid masonry and concrete as well as for baseplates on concrete. The baseplate anchor provides all advantages of the MULTI-MONTI concrete thread: no torque control, no spacing and no cure times. The screw head enables the anchor to be countersunk in wood, whilst the dimensions allow attachment thicknesses from 40 to 300 mm. This means that just one type of anchor is sufficient for many applications and thicknesses of wood. The screw anchor can be set in push-through installation using a setting tool. The unique combination of different calculation concepts allows for significantly higher shear and tension loads, which do not depend on the thickness of fixture.


  • Fast and easy mounting
  • Easy power-tool handling possible
  • No time wasting, the anchor will bear loads immediately
  • Can be removed completely
  • No torque control required
  • High security level
  • Approved and monitored product for cracked and non-cracked concrete

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