SIGA Majrex® 200, 1.5m

Item # 8310-150050 | Barcode 7640105091409
Roll W x L (metric) Roll W x L (imperial)

A vapor control layer that establishes airtight layers on the warm side of thermal insulation to prevent moisture build-up in wall cavities that can cause mold and rot and damage the structural integrity

SIGA Majrex 200 is a fiber-reinforced, modified PE/PP sheet membrane designed as an interior air-barrier and vapor control layer. With its unique and revolutionary Hygrobrid® technology, the permeance of Majrex 200 varies depending on the direction of vapor flow, making it currently the only directional smart vapor control membrane on the market.
When combined with compatible SIGA system components, SIGA Majrex 200 also forms an effective air barrier to avoid building damage, drafts and heat loss. Suitable for containment of blown-in insulation.

Dynamic Water Vapor Transmission  0.097 < > 4.25 US Perms