HECO Topix®-plus Cladding Screw, STAINLESS STEEL

Item # 61706 | Barcode
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Pieces/Box

The unique cladding screw with contraction effect

The full thread of the HECO-TOPIX-plus Cladding screw with its variable thread pitch reliably draws the façade boards onto the sub-structure without the head having to be countersunk deep into the timber. The façade is secured axially via the thread, which increases the pull-out strength. This results in fewer fastening points and an ultimately more economical façade construction. Thanks to the full thread, the sole function of the head is to fit the screw drive. As such, the HECO-TOPIX-plus cladding screw has a small raised head, which allows simple, concealed installation preventing any water penetration through the screw. The screws are made of stainless steel A2, which safely eliminates the problem of corrosion caused by exposure to weather – for instance, rusting screws.


  • Mounting and fixation of cladding with just one screw
  • Permanent fixation and increased pull out values thanks to the HECO-TOPIX-plus full thread
  • Small raised countersunk head for neat optics and reduction of trapped moisture
  • HECO-TOPIX tip does away with the need for pre-drilling, reduces the risk of the wood splitting and enables narrow edge and centre distances.
  • GripFit: One-handed working possible thanks to the HECO-Drive. Holds the stainless steel screws securely on the bit.
  • Gapless joining of cladding
  • Approved and monitored product