HECO Topix®-plus Cylinder Head, Full Thread

Item # 61953 | Barcode
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Pieces/Box

The screw with a technological advantage - with Cylinder Head

The properties of the HECO-TOPIX-plus cylinder head screw are designed specifically for timber construction. It boasts a cylinder head that can be easily sunk into the wood. The full thread allows the transfer of high tensile and compressive forces. At the same time, it significantly reduces the number of fastening points required. The optimal thread pitch ensures easier and quicker insertion. What’s more, the patented HECO-TOPIX tip reduces the splitting effect and enables fast screwing without pre-drilling or countersinking. The result: quick and safe assembly with up to 30 per cent less processing time.


  • Sinking into the wood made easy
  • Transfer of high tensile and compressive forces
  • PerfectPitch: Optimal thread pitch for every screw length. Perfect performance for any wood application.
  • HECO-TOPIX tip does away with the need for pre-drilling, reduces the risk of the wood splitting and enables narrow edge and centre distances.
  • Approved and monitored product