HECO Topix®-plus Decking Screw, Standard, STAINLESS STEEL

Item # 61777 | Barcode
Diamter (mm) Length (mm) Pieces/Box

The standard decking screw with part thread

A terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the garden and warm weather. Especially wood terraces create a cosy atmosphere and are very popular.
Moisture, fluctuating temperatures and dirt: the constant demands on outdoor screws are many and varied. The use of A2 stainless steel screws or A4 stainless steel screws in the case of particularly tannic woods and poolside decking, guarantees a high degree of corrosion resistance. In order to meet these various requirements, HECO® has developed the standard decking screw with a small countersunk head and partial threads. 

 Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself!


  • Small head with milling ribs or easy and neat countersinking
  • Tip with milling ribs reduces splitting of the lumber
  • Special coating for lower driving torque
  • Shank ribs reduce the insertion torque
  • Part threaded
  • Can be used in hardwood (pre-drilling may be required)
  • Stainless steel A2 1.4567
  • Diameters [mm]: 5,0
  • Lenghts [mm]: 40-80