HECO Topix®-plus Flange Head, HP-COATED

Item # 61016 | Barcode
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Pieces/Box

The HECO-TOPIX-plus post screw is ideal for the fastening of wood components on wood connectors like base plates, post supporters or rammed base studs. The flange head ensures a planar pressing against the timber connector. The reinforced shaft secures the screw in the fitting. The HP (High-Protection) coating enables a high corrosion resistance.

  • Higher load transmission due to the increased clamping surface of the head
  • MagicClose: Patented full thread joins timber fixtures together with no gaps and no pre-stressing. (up to a screw diameter of 6 mm)
  • HECO-TOPIX tip does away with the need for pre-drilling, reduces the risk of the wood splitting and enables narrow edge and centre distances.
  • PerfectPitch: Optimal thread pitch for every screw length. Perfect performance for any wood application.
  • Improved corrosion protection through HP coating