Balteschwiler UNTREATED Design-Paneling

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UNTREATED Design-Paneling

Wood is a living natural material. It reacts when exposed to the elements, such as heat, dampness and direct sunlight. Every species of wood differs from every other species in the way it reacts. These individual properties of timber varieties are made use of in building applications and must be taken into account when they are treated. We therefore recommend a strongly pigmented wood finish for exterior use. The UNTREATED paneling is factory sanded to promote deep penetration of exterior and interior wood finishes to enhance overall durability. 

With 210 years of experience in working with wood, Balteschwiler has acquired a very accurate knowledge of the diverse properties of timber varieties. We know how different woods must be sawn, planed, treated and generally taken good care of. Balteschwiler is very aware of its responsibilities, not only to customers but also to the environment, and therefore only raw material from selected, best quality sources is processed. This timber stems from PEFC-certified, environmentally appropriate and sustainably managed forests.

This product is sold in convenient and handy bundles of 8 boards. We stock a variety of lengths. 

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